111 Season

«Do you love me, or you don’t ... »

Author: Florid Bulyakov

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes 
The premiere took place on October 4, 2014.

During severe illness old man dreamed image of death, which gave him a chance, if within three hours he will make a charitable cause, then his life will be extended. And they start with an old woman frantically search to a holy deed to him.
What will they come up with and will they have time to do this deed? How they manage to spend together maybe their last hours? Will the old man and the old woman who had lived side by side most of their life understand the meaning of their existence?
In search of an answer they turn to memories of youth. The whole history of their life passes before your eyes with all its bright moments and errors, many of which cannot be hepled.
"This play - about love. However, like many others, but unlike them, it is about love not festive and fleeting, but very strong and lifetime long, - says the author of the play F.Bulyakov. - Of course, over the years love has experienced holidays and everyday life, but neither one nor the other did temper her strength. It seems to me that it was such a sense of the dream of every one of us, and happy are those who are lucky enough to meet this love. "


22 June, 19:00
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