111 Season


Author: Mirkhaydar Fayzi

“Galiabanu” was premiered by “Sayar” troupe in Kazan, 7th of April, 1918. With “Galiabanu” new genre for Tatar theatre – Musical drama was born. Young author had shown here not only as playwright, but as composer: he wrote music and songs for concrete scenes.

Success of “Galiabanu” opened the road for other musical drama plays to Tatar stage. Each season tens of them came to scene. Theatre’s musical director Salikh Saydashev wrote music for many of them.

Salikh Saydashev’s compositions were used in each directions of “Galiabanu” on Kamal stage. 10th, anniversary direction is not an exception. Theatre’s music director Fuat Abubakir is responsible for musical background of the performance.


28 May, 18:00
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