"Nauruz-2017" festival performances: "Richard III"

The 7th of June, at 11.00, «Dariga-ay» Eastern Kazakhstan youth theatre will show "Ричард III" on a stage of G.Kamal Tatar national Academic theatre within XIII "Науруз" International theatre festival of turkic people.

About the show:
The main hero of the performance is Richard III. He is outstanding person, different from others: humpbacked, scrubby, ugly. At the same time, it is a person of a great inner power, he persue his aims, he postpones everybody. He does everything needed to become a king: he kills innocent children, many other people from his own surrounding. The hero has a unique talent to reasoning and he always reaches his goals. But people feel that he is tyrant and they take the side of Richard's opposite - Henrick Richmond. The play ends with great war and Richard's death.

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The festival playbill

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