"Nauruz-2017" festival performances: "The cherry orchard"

The 6th of June, at 18.30, K.Kuanyshbayev Kazakh state theatre of musical and drama (Astana) will show "The cherry orchard" on a stage of K.Tinchurin Tatar national drama and comedy theatre within XIII International theatre festival of turkic people. 

About the show:
The famous director from Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Sergey Potapov staged A.P.Chekhov's «The cherry orchard» on a stage of K.Kuanyshbayev Kazakh state theatre of musical and drama.
The play is one of the last masterpieces that Chekhov wrote. These last works are full of civilian grief and sorrow, mental conflict of heroes who live in the grip of sin, loneliness, moral degradation, lack of inner harmony, which is common for turns of the century. Chekhov remains true to his theme and inner drama 
exceeds reality and he speaks about the eternal problems of existence. Director shows in modern style people's view of life regardless of time and space. The downfall of cherry orchard symbolizes the fall of old style of life. 

Tanabaeva Akmaral, theatre's young artist, 
«Golden knight 2015» International theatre festival owner, performs L.A.Ranevskaya. 

Cashbox office: (843) 

The festival playbill

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