"Nauruz-2017" festival shows: "Awakening"

The 6th of June, at 19.00, P.A.Oyunski Sakha academic theatre will show "Awakening" performance on a stage of  G.Kamal Tatar national Academic theatre within "Науруз" XIII International theatre festival of turkic people.

About the show:
Sergey Potapov's «Awakening» takes us into the cold and closed world of lonely Old man, veteran of Great Patriotic war, who is dying in adult residential home. Iron bed on which he sleeps and a couple of square meters of the room is the space of his life, the only meaning of which is waiting for death. A woman, nurse and Fool in a mask of raven are those who appear in this space from time to time…

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The festival's playbill

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