"Nauruz-2017" festival shows: "Kun Erili"

The 7th of June, at 11.00, Olonkho theatre will show "Kun Erili" performance on a stage of "Экият" puppet theatre within XIII "Науруз" International theatre festival of turkic people. 

About the show:
Kun Erili is a performance-olonkho for children. It is based on Nikolay Stepanov-Nooroy's olonkho and addressed to children from 5 up to 12 year old. The performance runs in yakut language, the songs performed in special yakup style - toyuk. The happy end love story tells about young Jura Bootur. He fell in love with young Syralyma Kuo and he helps her brother Kun Erili to win evildoers.  Kun Erili checked Jura Bootur on a battlefield, saw his bravery and he gave his sister Syralyma Kuo in marriage to Kun Erili. There are many effective scenes and moments in a show, and children get involved into the adventures of the olonkho. Children like yakut puppets dressed in traditional clothes.

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The festival playbill

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