"NAURUZ-2017" performances: "King dies"

The 6th of June, at 12.00, Sakha (Yakutia) youth theatre will show "King dies" on a stage of Кazan youthe theatre within the XIII "Nauruz" International theatre festival of turkic peoples.  

About the play:
Eugene Ionesco is a member of absurdist theatre.   His plays are unique and don't resemble classic repertory. «King dies…» tells about the end of our civilization.
French playwriter's work speaks about the life and death which are the main absurd of the life that devalue all the human's affords. The king made all the discoveries of the science, he created all the masterpieces of art, he built great cities of the time… 
King simbolizes the entire civilization and each human being at the same time. He losts strength, abilities and power with each day. The power poisons and the one who recieves it, will never let it go.
The human being comes to this world and leaves it all alone. The time runs fast and it is not enough, but in fact one can change everything in 5 minutes, in a minute, in 10 seconds. Life is a great present and we must value it.
The play is staged for outstanding artist, People's artist of Sakha republic (Yakutia), artistic director of Youth theatre Aleksey Prokopievich Pavlov.
The play makes us think about the meaning of existence. 

Cashbox office: (843) 

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