"Nauruz-2017" performances: "Warrior woman - Jiribina"

5th of June, at 19.00, Olonkho theatre (the Republic of Sakha - Yakutia) will show the  «Warrior woman - Jiribina» within the XIII "Nauruz" International festival of turkic people on a Big stage of G.Kamal Tatar national Academic theatre. 
The play tells the life story of 
incredibly strong warrior woman from her birth to her marriage. She is mysterios and tender girl at a moment, at another moment she is decisive saviour of the Middle world. Olonkho praises her beauty and intellect, her strength. Like men-warriors, she has the ability of transfiguration, sometimes she prevails with the help of Ayyi - heavenly messengers of the Upper world. Her assignment is to protect and preserve Love, Peace, Harmony and to give Life. 

“Olonkho plays are published, well-researched, but we can hardly say that they are well-read.  “Diribina Diriliatta” is theatrical olonkho, it is interesting viewers of all the generations, and it is understandable for those who never read or listened to olonkho. Frankly speaking, our aim is to bring new-comers into the world of olonkho, the world, which is fascinating and exciting ”
, - the stage directors say.

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