"The Craft" festival. 2nd day (photo report)

VIII «The Craft» All-Russia Theatre Festival of young stage-direcion is getting on. The there performances were shown today: "The goat is walking", "The pockets full of love" and "14 letters to..." Also the workshops of theatre designer Ksenia Peretrukhina and director Adolph Shapiro (Moscow) took place today.

The directors from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Ufa, Naberezhny Chelny and Kazan will present their perfromances. In total, there are 16 performances on a «The Craft» playbill on Tatar, Russian and Bashkir languages. The performances will be shown on the 6 Kazan stages: Big and Small stages of Kamal theatre, «Ugol» art-space, Youth theatre, Theatre on Bulak, Lyadskoy public garden and Lenin Culture House. 

Якшәмбе 20.11.2016
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