110th season of Kamal theatre is started (Photo report)

A few hours ago Tatar National Academic theatre opened it’s 110th season with K.Tinchurin’s “Blue shawl” performance.


Theatre was full house: not only seats, but entrance ways were full with viewers. Kamal theatre lovers waited the seaon opening for 4 months.


“Blue shawl” for opening and closing of season is unwritten tradition for theatre. It becomes some sort of talisman for our theatre.


This evening started with speaches of leading director of theatre Farid Bikchentaev and head of theatre Ilfir Yakupov.


They announced winner of “I know theatre’s history” contest and presented winner Milyausha Khusainova with VIP-ticket to all premieres of 110th season.

Җомга 02.10.2015
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