From August 1 to 15, selected participants will pass an intensive educational course on modern drama and the basics of writing a play, receive valuable practical advice and theoretical knowledge.

The practical lecture block consists of group and individual author's pieces of training of famous playwrights like Olzhas Zhanaydarov and Yulia Tupikina. During the training, teachers will teach participants basic dramatic techniques-from writing small scenes and tasks for attention, awakening creative potential, focusing on topical topics, to planning a future full-fledged play. Rkail Zaidulla will talk about his experience of creating historical plays, dramatizations, and plays on modern themes. Niyaz Iglamov will give a short course of lectures on the structure and composition of drama, tell about the types, genres, and styles of modern drama.

At the end of the educational intensive, participants will be divided into two groups. One Russian and one Tatar teacher will work with each of the groups. From August 15 to November 1, participants will write their own plays under the guidance of mentors. Teachers 'assistance will consist of individual online consultations. For the convenience of feedback from Russian-speaking teachers, the plays will be written in two language versions-in Russian and Tatar. In some cases, M. Durnenkov and Y. Tupikina can work with synopses in Russian, and the final literary revision will be carried out with the help of Tatar-language teachers. There will also be a regular exchange of views between pairs of teachers on each of the plays. As a result, participants will have to submit one play to the literary part of the Kamal Theatre by November 1, 2020.

In December, there will be readings of the best plays of the Laboratory. Their number is not limited, all worthy scripts will be read.

To participate in the competition, the applicant submits an application in a certain form, which is accompanied by an essay about themselves, their motives for participating in the competition, as well as a play that they plan to write (1-2 pages). The competition is open to persons who speak the Tatar literary language under the age of 40.<br>

For more information, please contact:

+7 962 563 99 32 (Niyaz Raufovich), +7 927 033 22 30 (Gulnur Fautovna).

The founders of the laboratory and the competition "New Tatar play" are the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Union of theatrical professionals of the Republic of Tatarstan. The provider of the laboratory and competition "New Tatar play" is G. Kamal Tatar State Academic Theatre.

Thursday 06.08.2020
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