Congratulations on occasion of International Theatre day!

                                                                               Dear associates, friends!
 We sincerely congratulate you with International Theatre Day!!
Our theatre knows no state of delay. With every morning the work starts in each workshop - from artists to electricians, accountants and supply agents. In evenings some of theatre workers goes home, for others the work only starts, say for seat attendants, cloakroom attendants. And each our performance is a sum of all our efforts. Applauses, curtain. 
Let in your theare life' pulsing! Let young generations come to work with enthusiasm, and more experienced generations share their knowledge. Let the viewers discuss each new direction and write about you in social medias and wait the raws at cashboxes. Let theatre critics debate your performances and invite you to various festivals. 
Let theatre live. Whils it's living, so do we, those who devoted themselves to theatre! 
Happy Theatre Day, friends!

Sincerely yours,
Kamal theatre group.
Якшәмбе 27.03.2016
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