Flashmob, dedicated to 110th anniversary of Tatar Theatre

Tatar National Academic theatre announces flashmob in honor of 110th anniversary of Tatar theatre. 19th of May, 2016, 110 spectators will stand at the Kamal theatre square in figure shaping 110 numbers and they will launch 110 balloons to the sky. In this day flashmob participants will watch famous performance - "The Blue shawl" by Karim Tinchourin -  for free.

To participate in flashmob one should join theatre's official group in вконтакте, and also one should copy the post about the flashmob to one's wall. The tickets will be given to first 110 people who register to flashmob in вконтакте group.

The flashmob starts at 17:00 on the Kamal theatre square. We invite everyone to join the flashmob and show your love to Tatar theatre!

Пәнҗешәмбе 12.05.2016
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