Guest tour in city of Naberezhny Chelny. 5th day (photo report)

Yesterday, 18th of February, G.Kamal Tatar national Academic theatre has shown K.Tinchurin's «Anchorless».  The plot is about the choice of Tatar nation's way of development at the Revolution and right after it. The nation was oppressed for many centuries; it has gained the freedom and could not remain united. Those who were considered at the forefront, the enlightened merchants, officers, politics and philosophers, they went into the wilderness. And we still reap the benefit of it till now.
Remind you, that G.Kamal theatre held traditional guest tour on a stages of 14 "Energetik" house of culture (Naberezhny Chelny) and House of people's art (Nizhnekamsk) from 14 to 21 of February. 
There are 5 performances and 3 premieres on the guest tour playbill. 
Якшәмбе 19.02.2017
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