Guest tour in the city of Al'met'evsk (2nd day, photo report)

Yesterday, at the 15th  of April, G.Kamal Tatar national Academic theatre has performed to shows in Al'met'evsk. Kh.Tufan and T.Minnullin's "The clouds are floating" was shown on a stage of Al'met'evsk Tatar theatre, K.Tinchurin's "The anchorless" was shown in "Нефтьче" culture centre.

We remind you, that G.Kamal Tatar national Academic theatre goes with guest tour performances to the cities of Al'met'evs (Tatarstan) and Tuymazy (Bashkortostan) from 14 to 17th of April. There are 5 performances on a playbill and the three of them are last seasons' premieres. 

Якшәмбе 16.04.2017
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