Guest tour in the city of Samara (2nd day, photo report)

Yesterday, 11th of April, G.Kamal Tatar national Academic theatre has presented I.Zayniev's "In waiting". 

The city hospital is a place where the performance is running. The heroes of the performance are young couples in waiting of their baby birth. The play’s author and director Ilgiz Zayniev is speaking: “The plot of the play came when we were waiting for the daughter. I witnessed and experienced all the process from the beginning to the birth.  The problem of pregnancy maintenance has stirred my pulses that time. I listened to the stories of my wife, our friends, I read blogs of mothers-to-be, I collected ideas for the “In waiting” play (and for the performance). Almost all the stories that you will see in the performance, they are absolute true stories of real people. I add something, dramatized and overcoloured, but the rest is true”.

We remind you, that G.Kamal theatre holds traditional Samara guest tour on a stage of Samara Academic drama theatre from 10th to 13th of April. There are the 3 premiere shows of the last seasons. 

Чәршәмбе 12.04.2017
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