International Theatre day!

                                                                                 Dear collegues, friends!
We sincerely congratulate you on occasion of International Theatre day!
Our theatre never sleeps! Each day brings work into all the departments: from artists to electicians, from accontants to supply agents. Someone'w working our ends, at the same time for the others the work time only starts: our ticket controllers, cloakroom attendants and barmaids come. And finally - the performance: the essence of everyday work, culmination of a day. Applause, curtain. But the day in our theatre doesn't end – many works ahead…
Let you theatre boil in life. Let youth come to work in your theatre, let older generation share their experience and teach. Let audience discuss each performance with interest, let the write about the shows in social media, let them make lines to cashbox offices. Let theatre critics argue about your performances and invite you to festivals.
We live while theatre lives.
Happy theatre day to you, our friends!
Sincerely yours,
Kamal theatre group.
Дүшәмбе 27.03.2017
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