Jubilee evening of Dania Nurullina (photo, video)

26th of November, there was a jubilee celebration evening arranged on a Big stage of G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre and dedicated to Dania Nurullina, Honored artist of Russia and People's artist of Tatarstan. The fragments of Kamal theatre's best performances were shown: «The Blue shawl»«Eternal love», «Outlaws» and «Оbsessed».

The actress's friend and collegues congratulated her, among them there are: Zilya Sungatullina, opera singer, People's artist of Russia, People's artist of Tatarstan Askhat Khismatov, writer Rkail Zaydulla, singer Aygul Khayri, young artists of Kamal theatre Rishat Akhmadullin and Rail Shamsuarov. National Dance and Song Ensemble of Tatarstan, Kazan Choreography school students, Bashkir Academic theatre artists, «Suyumbike» magazine journalists, artists of Tatar theatres, friends from abroad and many others congratulated Dania Nurullina. 

Шимбә 26.11.2016
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