Kamal theatre' guest tours in the city of Samara

G.Kamal Tatar National academic theatre has launched traditional guest tour performances in the city of Samara with the N.Isanbet's "Hoja Nasretdin" performance. M.Gorky Samara Academic Drama theatre could hardly seat all those who wished to see the show. Head of M.Gorky Samara Academic theatre Vyacheslav Gvozdkov and head of G.Kamal TNAT Ilfir Yakupov and people's artist of Tatarstan Askhat Khismat have said the welcome words. 
We remind you, that G.Kamal theatre holds traditional Samara guest tour on a stage of Samara Academic drama theatre from 10th to 13th of April. There are the 3 premiere shows of the last seasons. 
Сишәмбе 11.04.2017
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