Kamal theatre's guest performances to Petersburg is ahead

Big guest performances of Tatar National Academic theatre in Saint Petersburg will be run 5th - 10th of April on main stage of Big Drama Theatre. This is the first guest tours of our theatre in Russia's cultural capital for last 25 years. 

In anniversary season Kamal theatre will bring 6 performances to the north capital.

The start will be given with "Blue shawl" by Karim Tinchurin. The play is shown on tatar scene since 1926 non-stop. 

Also on the playbill:

6th of April– 109th season's premiere - «Hodja Nasretdin» by Naki Isanbet and Saadalla Vannus, starring Fanis Ziganshin, staged by Farid Bikchantaev.

7th of April – one of the most succesful plays of Kamal theatre - «Suitors of Gregory's daughter» by Tufan Minnullin. Musical comedy is running for more than 20 years and always theatre is fullhouse. Staged by Marsel Salimzhanov.

8th of April – «Don Guiovanni» J.-B. Moliere. For this new work Farid Bikchantaev chose Radik Bariev, Iskander Khayrullin, Lucia Khamitova. 

9th of April  – «Bankrupt» comedy, by Galiaskar Kamal. The play is enlisted in "Golden Mask" long-list in 2014. 

10th of April  – «Indian Summer» by Ilgiz Zayni. In this lyrical comedy all stars of Tatar stage are involved: Russia's people artists Rinat Tazetdin, Azgar Shakir, Ravil Sharafi, honored artists of Russia Nail Dunaev and Nailya Garaeva. 

Шимбә 21.11.2015
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