Kamal theatre artists honored the memory of Karim Tinchurin

15th of September, 2016 is 129th birthday of Karim Tinchurin, one of the founders of Tatar theatre, artist, director and playwriter. In this memorable day the artists of Tatar National Academic theatre put the flowers at the memorial stele dedicated to the victims of political repressions, murdered in the city of Kazan in years 1929-1942. Among the victims there was Karim Tinchurin as well.
G.Kamal theatre has K.Tinchurin's "The Blue shawl" play on the list of performances today. Also 8th and 9th of  October, Tinchurin's "The Anchorless" will be premiered in the direction of Georgi Tskhirava. 
Пәнҗешәмбе 15.09.2016
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