Kamal theatre artists honored the memory of Nail Ayupov (Photo report)

Yesterday, 7th of September, there was an evening dedicated to the bright memory of Nail Ayupov, Honored artist of Russia and People's artist of Tatarstan, in Culture centre of Muslum district. Luara Shakirzyanova, People's artist of Tatarstan, has shared the memories about the long-lasting cooperation with outstanding artist. Among participants there were: Ildus Akhmetzyanov, Honored artist of Russia and People's artist of Tatarstan, People's artist of Tatarstan Firaya Akberova, Askhat Khismatov and Fuat Abubakirov, Honred artist of Tatarstan Akhmet Karimov, and also Irek Kashspov and Dina Zakirova. They have recited poems, sung and played music. 
Пәнҗешәмбе 08.09.2016
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