Kamal theatre artists participated in history lovers meeting, dedicated to Mirkhaydar Fayzi's 125th birthday

19th of October, 2016, at 14.00, in National museum of Republic of Tatarstan, there was a History lovers meeting. This day it was dedicated to 125th birthday of Mirkhaydar Fayzi, Tatar playwriter, poet and publicist, the meeting was titled "The musical drama on the Tatar stage".

The young artists of G.Kamal theatre, Guzel Gulverdieva and Fannur Mukhametzyanov have shown the sketches from Mirkhaydar Fayzi's "Галиябану", staged by Ilgiz Zayniev in previous season. People's artist of Tatarstan Foat Abubakirov and honored artist of Tatarstan A. Karimov performed musical compositions from the performance. People's artist of Tatarstan Luara Shakirzhan has told about the artistic life of Mirkhaydar Fayzi. 

M.Fayzi is known as an author of a plays for Tatar theatre. Musical lyrical drama "Galiabanu" is his real masterpiece, that is performed by professional and amateur theatres since 1917.

Many well-known specialist in study of literature, arts, theatre, the members of theatres and museums, students took part in the event. 

Чәршәмбе 19.10.2016
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