Kamal theatre artists went with a visit to Tatar school in Moscow (Photo report)

Yesterday, 16th of January, actors of G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre visited school №1186 with ethno-cultural educational component named after M.Jalil. Remind you, that Kamal theatre has come to Moscow with guest tours till 18th of January.

Honored artists of Tatarstan Milyausha Shaykhetdinova, Fanis Ziganshin, Almaz Sabirzyanov, and Gulchachak Khamadinurova, Ilnur Zakirov, Irek Kashapov, Fannur Mukhametzyanov, Artur Shaydullin, Guzel Gulverdieva and Aygul Abasheva have visited the shool.

Artists told about the secrets of mastership, about their personal professional path. Students have prepared a concert for Kamal theatre artists. After all students asked questions and signed for memory. 
Сишәмбе 17.01.2017
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