Kamal theatre artists will take part in III «ГОРОД АРТ ПОДГОТОВКА» workshop

III “Город АРТ подготовка” Youth Theatre workshop will take place in Kazan at 2nd - 11th of June. 6 directors from Italy, Switzerland and Russia will participate in it. G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre traditionally supports this project. 9th of June Ivan Vyrypaev's "Illusions" (in Italian director Alessandra Juntini's production) will be shown on the Small stage of our Theatre. This work will be the first direction of Ivan Vyrypaev on Tatar language. The play was translated by Ruzal Mukhametshin. 

Kamal theatre is a constant participant of «Город АРТ подготовка» and other projects of «Живой город» fund. Last year our artists and director Miriam Walter (Switzerland) had staged «Down by Law» (Jim Jarmush) criminal comedy. That play was included into playbill of our theatre. This year Kamal theatre artists Emil Talipov, Leysan Fayzullina, Guzel Gulverdieva and Rail Shamsuarov will participate in workshop. 

The sketch will be shown 9th of June, at 19.00, on a Small stage of Kamal theatre. 

The admission is free,  for pre-registration follow:

For more information: 8-917-245-44-87.

Якшәмбе 29.05.2016
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