Kamal theatre guest performances in Ufa

Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre’s traditional guest performances are to be shown 10 – 17th of September in Ufa city: on the stages of Gafuri Bashkir State theatre and “NUR” Ufa Tatar State theatre.

The tatar theatre’s first guest performances (“Sayar” troupe) were run in 1910. For Kamal theatre tours to Ufa become good tradition. In 110th season Theare will bring to Baskortostan 12 performances.

Among others Ufa citizens will see 4 premieres: “Do you love me or you don’t” melodrama, dedicated to bright memory of Florid Bulyakov, with Ravil Sharafiev and Dania Nurullina, sensational “Hodja Nasretdin” by Naki Isanbet and S.Vannus, “Richard III” by W.Shakespeare and “Love Radio” by Ilgiz Zayni.

10th of September, at 19:00, on the stage of Gafuri Theatre “One Summer day” will be shown. Also romantic comedy “The music of the Wind” by Zulfat Khakim, musical comedy “Dilyafruz Remake” by Tufan Minnullin, first at tatar stage fantasy-performance “Game with little monster” by Ilgiz Zayni, and 108th season’s premiere “Bankrupt” by Galiaskar Kamal.

Traditionally our must-see “Blue Shawl” by Karim Tinchurin will be shown.This legendary performance is on the stage since 1926.

For the first time in history of our tours to Ufa our performances will be shown on two stages – Bashkir State Drama theatre “NUR” and Ufa Tatar state theatre.

Дүшәмбе 07.09.2015
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