Kamal theatre has announced the contest of videos

On occasion of 110th anniversary G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre has announced "Kamal theatre, I love you!" contest of videoclips. To participate, one should make a video of about 3 minutes, where one shows his (her) feelings to Kamal theatre and send to

The works should be sent up to 15th of September. In letter one should write the name, age and contact information (e-mail, phone number). 

16th - 18th of September the jury, headed by Farid Bikchantaev, the leading director of G.Kamal theatre, the head of Tatarstan Theatre Workers' Unit,  will choose top 10 videoclips that will pass to second flight. 19th of September the second enquiry will be announced. This enquiry will show the winner and thus owner of VIP - subscription - admission for all 111th season premieres. 

The winner will be announced the 3rd of October, the winner will be awarded at the 7th of October, at the official ceremony of season opening. 

Якшәмбе 14.08.2016
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