Kamal theatre has closed guest tours in Moscow with "The anchorless"

Yesterday, 18th of January, G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre has successfully finished guest tours in Moscow. During the last eight days Kamal theatre artists pleased Moscow audience on a stage of Maly theatre. All eight performances were full house. 

The guest tour was closed with Karim Tinchurin's «The anchorless». The choice of tatar nation during and right after the Russian revolution. People's artist of Russia Svetlana Amanova has congratulated Kamal theatre group with successfull closing of guest tour. 

People's artist of Tatarstan Iskander Khayrullin has thanked moscovites for warm welcome. 

In september Maly theatre will come to Kazan with return guest tours. 

Пәнҗешәмбе 19.01.2017
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