Kamal theatre has launched ticket sales in Vkontakte

G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre has launched e-tickets sales in "Vkontakte". Kamal theatre was the first among theatres of the city of Kazan to start e-tickets sales in this popular social media. So, now the tickets are available in cashbox offices, in web-page of theatre and in "Vkontakte". The project was executed by "Informatica" company, the one who developed "Lenta" ticket-pass system.

To buy the tickets, one has to follow to the official page of the theatre and click to «Buy the tickets online». In the opened menu the visitor can choose the performance, the seats, fill the data of the payment card. After that the tickets will be sent to the customer's e-mail. 

Чәршәмбе 14.09.2016
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