Kamal theatre has participated in "Sabantuy gifts" performance (photo report)

Today, 26th of May, citizens and guests of Kazan have had a chance to take part in Sabantuy gift-gathering performance. The activity started in Old Tatar Settlement. There the concert was arranged. At 11.00 the carts decotated with with traditional tatar towels moved towards G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre. At the theatre square, our artists have shown the scenes from legendary «The Blue Shawl» perfromance. 

You still have chance to see legendary «The Blue Shawl» performance – our anniversarial 110th season will be closed with Karim Tinchurin's play traditionally. 
Cashbox: 293-03-74.

Пәнҗешәмбе 26.05.2016
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