Kamal theatre in 4 nominations of «Triumph» («ТРИУМФ») contest

Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan has posted the list of nominees of «Triumph» («ТРИУМФ») - 2016 contest. Tatar National Academic theatre is presented in 4 nominations:

Event of the year: «Don Giovanni» by J.B. Moliere.

Best actor: Radik Bariev, honored artist of Tatarstan,    Don Giovanni - «Don Giovanni» by J.B. Moliere.

Best secondary role actor: Mukhamatgaliev Iltuzar, honored artist of Tatarstan, Don Louis – - «Don Giovanni» by J.B. Moliere.

Debut: Abasheva Aygul Musaevna, Sharlotte – «Don Giovanni» by J.B. Moliere.

Award ceremony will be in Big Stage of Tatar National Academic theatre at 27th of March, 16:00.  To buy tickets: 293-03-74.

Җомга 18.03.2016
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