Kamal theatre in Almet'evsk

Our "Do you love me or you don't" performance is running on stage of Almet'evsk Drama theatre in these minutes. Florid Bulyakov's play has opened the our theatre's guest tour in Almet'evsk. 

17th of February, 12:00, "Sheep, goat and others", I.Zayniev, Almet'evsk Drama theatre.
17th of February, 19:00, "Do you love me or you don't…", F.Bulyakov, «НЕФТЬЧЕ» HoC.
18th of February, 19:00, "Love Radio", I.Zayniev, «НЕФТЬЧЕ» HoC.

We would like to remind you, that 11 - 18 of February our theatre had performed on stages of cities: Naberezhny Chelny, Almetevsk and Nizhnekamsk. There were 6 performances on playbill and 2 premieres. 
Чәршәмбе 17.02.2016
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