Kamal theatre invites you to the season's main premiere – “My white kalfak”

The 7th, 8th and 20th of April G.Kamal Tatar national Academic theatre will present the main premiere of the 111th season - "My white kalfak"  (written by tatar prominent poet and playwriter Ildar Yuzeev, staged by theatre's leading director Farid Bikchantaev) on the Big stage. Stage designer - Sergey Skomorokhov, musical designer - Fuat Abubakirov. 

During the perestroyka period the call-in shows were extremely popular. Those years' call-in shows between the USSR and the USA, arranged by journalists Vladimir Pozner and Phil Donahue, are the important venue of TV-journalism history. In the 1989, prominent Tatar playwriter and poet Ildar Yuzeev wrote “My white kalfak”. The play speaks about national identity from the mouths of Tatars from Kazan and America. The perestroyka was very significant peroid in the history of Tatar nation, because the names and works of writers, scientists, religious and social figures, who were prohibited after the revolution, during the soveit time, have come back to thier readers, to people. Today we live in the completely different times. The freedom and openness doors are ready to be closed, other programmes are shown on TV, and our country is going to separate itself from the rest of the world with "iron curtain". 

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Cashbox office: 293-03-74.
Пәнҗешәмбе 30.03.2017
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