Kamal theatre took part in events, dedicated to Tazi Gizzat's anniversary (Photoreport)

23rd of October Kamal theatre took part in events, dedicated to 120th birthday of tatar playwright Tazi Gizzat.

T.Gizzat's plays were popular in 1930-1970s for stages of tatar and bashkir theatres. He worked in Tatar academic theatre as actor and member of literary unit. Head of Theatre's museum Luara Shakirzyan made a report in "Tazi Gizzat's dramaturgy" conference, arranged by Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan. People's artist of Russia Ildar Khayrullin, who put on stage T.Gizzat's "Brave girls", made a speech as well. 

The conference continued in Writers' Unit. Peoples' artists of Russia and Tatarstan Ravil Sharafeev, Firaya Akberova and Khalim Zalyalov showed a sketch from «Sparks». Director of the evening Luara Shakirzyan.

Җомга 23.10.2015
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