Kamal theatre will play "My Sweetheart" and "The Indian Summer" to commemorate 81 year of Tufan Minnullin

25th of August, 2016, Tufan Minnullin, the outstanding Tatar playright will be turn 81. In his memory G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre will show «My Sweetheart» and «The Indian Summer». «My Sweetheart» will be shown to Kazan audience on a Big Stage of Kamal theatre, the I.Zayniev's «Indian Summer» will be shown in Minnullin's natiev village Zur Meretkhuzha, Kama Tamagy District. 

For dosens of year over 40 perfromances staged by T.Minnullin's plays were performed on the stages of Kamal theatre. Among them - «My Sweetheart» lyrical comedy, that goes succesfully on a Kamal theatre stage for more than 20 years. Gabdulla Tukay, the founder of modern Tatar poetry, has created the famous «Shurale» tale, about the forest monster who was cheated by a tricky village guy. In late 1990s Tufan Minnullin tried to reread the known plot and showed the people as a thread to the forest and wider to the ecology of the earth, and Shurale as a naive child of the nature, helpless in the struggle with agressive humankind. 

Ilgiz Zayniev's «The Indian Summer» will be shown 25th of August. In lyrical comedy one can see all the best artists of the Tatar stage: People's artists of Russia Rinat Tazetdinov, Asgar Shakirov, Ravil Sharafiev, Honored artists of Russia Nail Dunaev and Nailya Garaeva. Specially for the performance in the Zur Meretkhuzha village open air stage will be constructed. 

To buy tickets (843) 293-03-74.

Якшәмбе 14.08.2016
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