Kamal theatre will show 7 performances during FIFA Confederations Cup

From the17th  to the 23th  of June, during FIFA Confederations Cup 2017, G.Kamal Tatar national Academic theatre will show 6 performances. Tourists and Kazaners will have a chance to see last years' premieres, evergreens.

The 17th of June, at 18.00, «Dilyafruz - Remake», musical comedy. Written by Tufan Minnullin. Once the “Рlауbоу” edition with Dilyafruz's photos appeared in a village... Stage director – Farid Bikchantaev.

The 19th of June, at 19.00 «The grooms for Gergery's daughter», musical comedy that goes with fullhouse for over 20 years. Written by Tufan Minnullin. Stage director – Marsel Salimzhanov.

The 20th of June, at 19.00 “My white kalfak”, the 111th season's main premiere. Written by Ildar Yuzeev. The performance is set like call-in show. Stage director – Farid Bikchantaev.

The 21st of June, at 19.00 «Hoja Nasreddin» by Naki Isanbet and Saadalla Vannus. Starring – honored artist of Tatarstan Fanis Ziganshin.

The 22nd of June, at 19.00 «Do you love me, or you don't…» starring Ravil Sharafiev and Dania Nurullina. The show is dedicated to bright memory of playwriter Florid Bulyakov.

Karim Tinchurin's «The blue shawl» will close the show line. This show is a symbol of Tatar theatre and visit card of Kamal theatre. The show goes on a stages of Tatar theatres since year 1926. «The blue shawl» on a Big stage of Kamal theatre at 23rd of June, at 19.00.

All the performances in G.Kamal Tatar national Academic theatre are provided with simultaneous translation into Russian and English languages. 

To buy tickets visit or call (843) 293-03-74.

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