Kamal Theatre will show performances on occasion of Republic's and City's day

G.Kamal Tatar National Academic Theatre will show 6 performances, 25th - 30th of August. The August performances are the Theatre's gift to citizens and guests of Kazan on occasion of Republic's Day. 

25th of August,  19.00 - «The Light of My Eyes» (written by Tufan Minnulin). Gabdulla Tukay, the founder of modert Tatar Poetry, has written a extremely popular tale  «Shurale» about an forest monster, who was tricked by Tatar guy. In late 1990s Tufan Minnulin tries to re-read the famous plot, not Shurale is a threat to people, but young people are threatening the forest and, wider, the ecology of the Earth. The Shurales are naive children of the Nature, they are totally careless and open to People's aggression. 

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26th of August, 19.00 – 110th season's premiere «In waiting» in Ilgiz Zayniev's direction. Playwright and director Ilgiz Zayniev is asking whether we have done all to have right for continuation on the examples of a few couples waiting for the babies. 

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27th of August,18.00 - 109th season's premiere – «Hoja Nasretdin» on plays of Naki Isanbet and Saadalla Vannus. Hoja is this man who can see things from the new point of view. Nowadays we who witness the extreme changes we are lost. Where is the truth? One proves his right, another one tries to make us believe him. Hoja points that the truth may be hidden in elsewhere... Starring Fanis Ziganshin.

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28th of  August, 18.00 – «Dilyafruz - Remake» (written by Tufan Minnulin). It's a modern variation to extremely popular hit of 70s. Director  -  Farid Bikchantaev.

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29th of August,  19.00 – «Love Radio» (written and staged by Ilgiz Zayniev). The bestseller performance in our playbill with tickets sold out for several monthes ahead. Probably, it's a right chance to see the most popular performance. 

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30th of August, 18.00 - one of the most beloved performances «The Four Grooms for Gregory's Daughter».

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The traditional august performances are the Theatre's gift to citizens and guests of Kazan on occasion of Republic's Day. 

Buy tickets online or in cashbox offices  (call  293 03 74).

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