KazSIC exams on the stage of Kamal theatre (Photo report)

3rd of June, at 14:00, on a small stage of Kamal theatre, there was an exam of 3rd year students of Kazan State Institute of Culture, drama training and directing department. Course supervisor – Farid Bikchantaev, Honored artist of Russia and Tatarstan, G.Tukay prize owner; drama teacher – Ilgiz Zayniev, director, M.Jalil prize owner. 

6 plays written by russian and foreign authors were shown this day on a stage. 

1. "Natasha's dream"  by Yaroslava Pulinovich.
2. “Seagull” by A.P.Chekhov.
3. “Mother Courage” by Berthold Brecht.
4. «King Lear», by William Shakespeare.
5. “The Guest” . by E.E.Shmitt
6. “Wassa Zheleznova” by M.Gorki. 

Җомга 03.06.2016
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