Maly theatre’s guest performances on Kamal theatre stage

15 – 20th of September State Academic Maly Theatre will show his performances on Tatar State Academic theatre’s stage.

2015th year shows are the sixth guest performances of this Moscow theatre to Tatarstan’s capital city. And this year our viewers will have chance to see the best Maly theatre performances starring: Yuri Solomin, Irina Muraviova, Boris Klyuev, Lyudmila Polyakova, Boris Nevzorov, Evgeni Glushenko, Vladimir Nosik.

15,16th of September – premiere – “Maskarad” by M.Lermontov, staged by Andrey Zhitinkin. The performance is dedicated to 70th anniversary of Boris Klyuev. Also on a stage: Polina Dolinskaya, Boris Nevzorov, Vladimir Nosik and many others.

17, 19th of September – “Wolves and Sheeps” by A.Ostrovski, staged by Vitali Ivanov. This is one of the most regarded performances of the theatre. Lyudmila Polyakova, Boris Nevzorov, Evgeni Glushenki, Lyudmila Titova on stage.

18, 20th of September they will show “Filumena Marturano” by Eduardo de Filippo, staged by Stefano de Luka. On the performance Irina Muraviova and Yuri Solomin are starring. The plot is known for many of us from “Matrimonio All'Italiana” with Sophie Loren and Marcello Masrtroianni.

15th of September, at 12:00 the press-conference dedicated to guest performances will be held in Tatarstan Ministry of Culture’s conference-hall (address: Pushkin str, 66/33, 4th floor). 

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