Moscow guest tours (3rd day, photo report)

Yesterday, G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre has shown Ilgiz Zayniev's «Goat, sheep and others» in direction of Salima Aminova and Ildus Gabdrakhmanov on a stage of State Maly theatre of Russia. .

The eternal spots of famous tales never get old; they grow with new details. The same happens with “Goat, sheep and others” (the play written by Ilgiz Zayniev) in direction of debutants Salima Aminova and Ildus Gabdrakhmanov. They referred to Tukay’s tales. Goat and sheep, driven away by old man and old woman, meet Su Anasy, Shurale and other fairy creatures. This eccentric play with music and song, mixed on energy of young actors, will leave indifferent neither youth nor adults. The performance takes into account a modern children psychology, that is why the performance is intentionally fragmentary and the heroes drag young viewers into a perfrormance. The adventures of Goat and Sheep become a collaborative play of actors and audience. 

We remind you, that Kamal theatre has prepared to give traditional guest tour on a stage of Maly theatre of Russia from 12th to 18th of January. In a playbil there are:  «In waiting» written and staged by I.Zayniev, M.Fayzi's «Galiabanu» staged by I.Zayniev,  I.Zayniev's «Love Radio in authors' direction,  Z.Khakim's «Miraculous pill» in I.Zayniev's direction and K.Tinchurin's «The Anchorless» in G.Tskhvirava's direction. 

The guest tours are arranged with a help of The Ministry of Culture of Russia and the Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan.

Якшәмбе 15.01.2017
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