New season's start

Today, 22nd of September, the press-conference dedicated to 110th season of Tatar National Academic Theatre was held.

3rd of October Tatar Theatre will premiered “Galiabanu” performance by Mirkhaydar Fayzi’s play. Ilgiz Fayzi’s direction is going to be the 10th approach to “Galiabanu”  in Kamal theatre’s history. 

Kamal theatre viewers will see 7 premieres: 4 shows on big stage and 3 shows on small stage. In season 110th the preference is given to classical plays of Tatar, Russian and foreign authors.

First premiere of season is Mirkhaydar Fayzi’s “Galiabanu”. Direction will celebrate to anniversary – 10th direction of “Galiabanu” on the stage of Kamal theatre and 100 year of the play. The director – Ilgiz Zayni.

25th of October, small stage – “Flying Dances” by Salavat Uzeev’s play. Director – Farid Bikchentaev’s student Ramil Garaev.

Ilgiz Zayni’s “Goat, sheep and others” in Salima Aminova And Ildus Gabdrakhmanov’s direction is going to be a very interesting performance for children. Premiere on the small stage at 7th of November.

December, the second premiere on small stage – “It’s me, sonny”. Tadjik playwrite Barzu Abdurazakov’s play for two actors. Director – Farid Bikchantaev. 

December, Big stage, one of Farid Bikchantaev’s favourite –Jean Batist Moliere and his “Don Jiovanni”. Director gathered all actors whom he likes to solve hard tasks. Radik Bariev as Don Jiovanni, Iskander Khayrullin as Sganarel, Lucia Kkamitova as Elvira.

Tomsk drama theatre director Alexander Ogarev will put on stage Russian classic – A.Ostrovski’s “Forest”. One of best tatar writers Rkail Zaydulla translated the play with lively Russian language into Tatar.

110th season is connected with Tufan Minnullin. In 2015 he will turn 80. Ilgiz Zayni will stage his “Bayu-bayushki-bayu” play, written following Minnullin’s “Lullaby”. Forth premiere on Big stage will happen in April, 2016.

In new season will celebrate anniversaries of: people artists of Tatarstan Nailya Ibragimova, Venera Shakirova, Iltazar Mukhametgaliev, people artist of Russia Nailya Garaeva. In November, 2015, there is 100th anniversary of p.a. of Tatarstan Khadayat Sultanov.

Along with premieres and anniversary events, Kamal theatre is planning Russia guest tours and participation in festivals as well. Traditionally, theatre will arrange “NAURUZ” International theatre forum-festival, “CRAFT” young tatar play festival. In December “New tatar play” contest will be announced.

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