Premiere! (photo report)

G.Kamal Tatar  national Academic theatre has presented the 111th season's main premiere - Ildar Yuzeev's "My white kalfak". Staging director - Farid Bikchantaev. Stage designer - Sergey Skomorokhov, musical designer - Fuat Abubakirov. Light designer - Taras Mikhalevski.

The Tatars living both in Russia and abroad speak about topics of life interest: search for roots, safe-identity preservation, duty of memory fidelity, common sence maintenance. It was an amazing time in a history of Tatar people, when writers, philosophers, scientists, religious and public figures whose names and works were prohibited, they returned. We live in different times. he freedom and openness doors are ready to be closed, other programmes are shown on TV, and our country is going to separate itself from the rest of the world with "iron curtain".

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Җомга 07.04.2017
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