Premiere of "The miracle pill" performance in Kamal theatre

7, 8, 15 and 27th of November, 2016, G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre will present the premiere of «The miracle pill» performance (the play written by Zulfat Khakim, staged by Ilgiz Zayniev). Stage designer – Sergey Skomorokhov, composer – Elmir Nizamov. Starring  – Fanis Ziganshin, honored artist of Tatarstan.

Former chemistry teacher, fired Sayfi has invented remedy for corruption. Sayfi wants to expand this remedy all over the country. This news irritates the head of the district. Public officials do their best to stop the news, the remedy and Sayfi himself. 

Niyaz Iglamov, literary director of Kamal theatre, says, that Zulfat Khakim is not a realist but an author of anti utopia, whistleblower of bitter reality: «The playwriter is good in creating strange heroes in inthinkable magic "if"s. He dramatize action to grotesque and extravaganza. The director Ilgiz Zayniev works with this grotesque. The action deals with fantasy more than with real life. It makes the satiric motives sound rough and makes the objects of mockery more demonic».

The following artists perform in "The miracle pill" satiric comedy: People's artists of Tatarstan Nailya Ibragimova and Farida Safina, honored artsts of Tatarstan Laysan Rakhimova, Fanis Ziganshin, Ramil Vaziev, Alsu Kayumova, Ayrat Arslanov, Minvali Gabdullin, Oleg Fazylzyanov and Fanis Safin, also Irek Kashapov, Almaz Garaev, Guzel Gulverdieva, Fannur Mukhametzyanov, Aygul Abasheva and Artur Shaydullin.

Buy tickets online, or in cashbox offices (843) 293-03-74.

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