Press conference dedicated to upcoming «Nauruz» theatre fesitval (photo, video)

The budget of XIII «Nauruz» International theatre festival of turkic people that will take place in Kazan from 5th to 9th of June, is about 6 million rubles, the head of G.Kamal TNAT Ilfir Yakupov said in today's press conference. 

«The festival's budget is small, only 6 million. There are money from Ministries of Culture of Tatarstan and Russia», – he mentioned.

There are best performances from Altay, Bashkortostan, Kabardino-balkaria, Kazakhstan, Tyva, Chuvashia, Khakasia, Yakutia on «Nauruz» playbill. The festival's special guest is Estonian theatre R.A.A.A.M.

The 8th festival's repertory is traditionally various: there are world classics, ethnical parables, modern drama.

The performances will be shown on city's 5 stages: big and small scenes of Kamal theatre, Tinchurin theatre, Youth theatre and Puppet theatre. 

"Tatar inform"

Якшәмбе 28.05.2017
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