Sakha theatre, welcome in Tatarstan! (photo report)

The artists and managers of P.Oyunski Sakha Academic theatre have arrived to Kazan. The day after tomorrow, 28th of October, the long-waited guest tours of Russia's leading national theatre will start in Kazan. 28 - 30th of October, 2016, P.Oyunski Sakha Academic theatre will perform on Big Stage of G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre.  Sakha theatre guest tours in cities of Russia and abroad are dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Sakha theatre. It is the first great tour for the whole history of Sakha theatre. 

The best performances of Sakha theatre are included on the playbill of the guest tour:

28th of October, 19.00, «The wanted blue shore of mine », play written by Ch.Aytmatov, staged by Andrey Borisov. 

29th of October, 18.00, «The house of Bernarda Alba», play written by Federico Garcia Lorka, staged by Suzanna Oorzhak

30th of October, 18.00, «The shaman's dream», play written by A.Kulakovski, staged by Ruslan Tarakhovski. 

To buy tickets follow «Guest tours» link or call  (843) 293-03-74.

Чәршәмбе 26.10.2016
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