Ten-day festival, dedicated to Tufan Minnullin’s memory (Photo Report)

Today Tatar National theatre started the ten-day festival, dedicated to memory of Tufan Minnullin. On Kazan theatres’ stages 19 performances staged on his plays will be presented. The festival is dedicated to 80th birthday of Tufan Minnullin.


Schedule in Kamal theatre:


5th of October – Grooms for George’s daughter

6th of October – Father’s house

7th of October – Mulla, It’s on the cards

8th of October – Village dog Akbay, The light of my eyes

9th of October – Dilyafruz Remake, Oath

10th of October – My Sweetheart, Mulla

11th of October – there is no starlight without Moon. Closing ceremony


Schedule in Tinchurin theatre:

6th of October – Obsession

7th of October – Grooms

8th of October – Dream

9th of October – Meeting with youth

10th of October – Four grooms for Dilyafruz

11th of October – Almander from Aldermysh.

In October and November the events with Kamal theatre artists will continue in Ufa and Nizhnekamsk.


You can find more information and buy tickets here

Cashbox telephone: (843) 293-03-74. 

Якшәмбе 18.10.2015
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