The days of VIII "CRAFT" festival are announced

VIII "CRAFT" All-Russia festival of yound  stage direction will take place in Kazan from 19 to 25 of November, 2016. In the festival's playbill there are 16 performances from 6 cities of Russia. 

The festival gives chance for young stage directors to announce him(her)self. The festival invites directors up to 35 year old or up to 5 years after the debute in profession. The viewers will see the premieres of the las two theatrical seasons. 

Within the VIII festival the directors from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Ufa, Naberezhny Chelny and Kazan will show their performances on Tatar, Russian and Bashkir languages. 

The "CRAFT" performances will be shown on 6 stages in the city of Kazan: Big and Small stages of G.Kamal Tatar National Academic Theatre, stage of "Ugol" art - workshop, Kazan State Youth theatre, Youth theatre on Bulak, Lyadskoy little park and Lenin Culture Centre.

Get acquainted with the festival's playbill here.

Дүшәмбе 17.10.2016
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