The first premiere in Kamal theatre's 111th season

8th and 9th of October G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre will present the first premiere of 111th season -  «The Anchorless» performance (the play written by Karim Tinchurin, the classic of Tatar drama). The director – Georgi Tskhirava (leading director of Omsk Academic Drama theatre).

«The Anchorless» is the second working experience for Tskhirava as a director in G.Kamal theatre. In 2004 he presented «Knanuma» (written by Avksenti Tsagareli, classic of georgian literature) musical comedy with great success. This time Georgi Zurabovich appeals to the history of Russia at the beginning of XX century. The plot of the play starts at 1910 with the elections to the 4th State Duma, and ends at 1925, with the heat of New Economic Policy.

«I have read Karim Tinchurin's «The Anchorless», and thought that it's themes are essential. We witness the very dangerous situation. Since the social hatred has riched it's limit, we should take a look at the past. I believe, we should take a look at the past in order to answer the present questions and dip into the future», – says Georgi Tskhirava, the director of «The Anchorless».

Niaz Iglamov, literary director of Kamal theatre, stresses the importance of the performance: «We live at the turn of a not at all cheerful plots. It may go away, but in Russia it never happened so before. Karim Tinchurin's «The anchorless» describes the time. On the eve. This play can be staged so it may be censored, but Georgi Tskhirava is wise and experienced man. I believe he's not in it to scandalize but to make a deep and strong performance».

The leading actors are to perform: People's artists of Tatarstan Iskander Khayrullin, Ildus Gabdrakhmanov, Honored artist of Tatarstan Ramil Vaziev, Emil Talipov, Rishat Akhmadullin, Nafisa Khayrullina, Aygul Abasheva, Gulchachak Khamadinourova, Almaz Garaev, Aygul Minnullina, Almaz Sabirzyanov, Rail Shamsuarov, Ilnur Zakirov, Irek Kashapov, Fannur Mukhametzyanov.

«The Anchorless»  will be premiered at 8th and 9th of October, 2016, at the Big Stage of G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre

To buy tickets, 293-03-74.

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