Theatre's guest tour in city of Naberezhny Chelny. 4th day (photo report)

G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre has shown Florid Bulyakov's «Do you love me or you don't?»  Old man dreamt of Death that gave him a chance: if within three hours Old man succeed to perform a holy deed, his life would be prolonged. He and his old wife starts to look for a good deed to perform. 

Remind you, that G.Kamal theatre held traditional guest tour on a stages of 14 "Energetik" house of culture (Naberezhny Chelny) and House of people's art (Nizhnekamsk) from 14 to 21 of February. There are 5 performances and 3 premieres on the guest tour playbill. 
Җомга 17.02.2017
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