Theatre critics from Moscow, Saint Peterburg, Ekaterinburg and Kazan are going to evaluate "Don Giovanni" performance

5th and 6th of February Tatar National Academic theatre is going to present season's main premiere - J.B.Moliere's «Don Giovanni» in Farid Bikchantaev's direction. Theatre critics from Moscow, Saint Peterburg are going to evaluate the performance.

Kamal theatre's premieres are always a subject of interest for theatrical society. Three famous theatre critics will evaluate «Don Giovanni» :

Aleksandr Vislov - «Issues of Theatre» magazine editor in chief's assistant, member of «Golden Mask» festival expert board, Moscow;

Tatyana Dzhurova - editor of «Petersburg theatre magazine» blog, member of «Golden Mask» festival expert board, Ph.D. in History of Arts, Saint Petersburg;

Kristina Matvienko – member of «Golden Mask» festival expert board, Ph.D. in History of Arts, Moscow.

J.B.Moliere's «Don Giovanni» will be premiered 5th, 6th and 19th of February, on Big Stage of Tatar National Academic theatre. 

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Сишәмбе 26.01.2016
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